We buy your used equipment!

Would you like to get rid of your old equipment quickly and easily?

It can often be incredibly difficult and troublesome to sell your used ski equipment. People writing and calling on time and off time, long negotiations and it always ends up taking much more time than expected...

We have changed that!

At Brugteski.dk we offer to buy all your used ski equipment. The equipment must neither be sharpened nor prepared, we arrange all this for you. All you have to do is bring your ski equipment down to our shop and we can give you an offer.

What equipment do you buy?

We buy all used ski equipment, i.e. skis, ski boots, poles, snowboards and boots as well as ski helmets and back shields. If your equipment is brand new or it's grandma's old one you found in the attic, bring it along. We buy all equipment that works optimally!

How much money can I expect to get?

If you want the best possible price for your equipment, then you must sell it privately. On the other hand, we can save you all the trouble by selling your equipment ourselves. We take care of all the practical things here, you just have to bring your equipment to the store.

When we receive your ski equipment down in the shop, we make a valuation of what your equipment is worth. If, for example, we estimate that we can sell your skis for DKK 1,000 after the skis have been fully serviced, we offer you a gift card of approx. 50% of the selling price. If, on the other hand, you wish to receive the money in cash, we offer approx. 30% of the estimated selling price. This can of course vary from device to device.

How do I hand in my equipment?

If you want to sell your old ski equipment to us, you can either bring it down to our showroom in Fredericia, or write us an email at info@brugteski.dk. The email must contain the model, year and pictures of the equipment, and with that I can give a trade-in price for the equipment.

The address is: Krogsagervej 50, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark. You can read more about our opening hours here!