You as a customer at

As a customer at, you get a lot of advantages in the deal. We don't just sell "used equipment" as you know it from DBA or Facebook groups. At you get cheap used goods at a sharp price, while at the same time you get all the advantages that you get from a professional company.

Your services:

  • Free shipping & returns
  • Quality control
  • Ski guarantee
  • Fit guarantee
  • e-marked / secure online shopping
  • 24 months right of complaint

Free shipping & returns

Delivery time: 2-5 working days

With us, you always get free shipping and 14-day free returns*! There should be no doubt about the goods you receive from Here you can order a pair of skis home, see if it's something for you, and then send them back free and clear without anyone asking a single question!

We are so sure of the quality of the skis, and you shouldn't have the slightest doubt at all. If you are just now in doubt, we encourage you to order a pair of skis home, look at them, and then decide whether you want to keep them or not.

Quality control

You know that feeling where you've bought a used item, but actually have no idea if it works or not? At least that's not how we want you to feel when you buy at

We ensure quality control of all our products, and especially our bindings on the skis so that your safety is top notch. All defective gear is sorted out, all skis are freshly ground and waxed.

In addition to this, all our used products are categorized into three different groups; Gold, Silver and Bronze. This means that you always know what quality of goods you can expect to receive from us.

Read more about our stand descriptions here .

Ski Exchange for Children & Juniors

As the only ones in Denmark, we now offer a ski guarantee for children, which means that they will never outgrow their equipment again!

Read more about our Ski Exchange here .

Fit guarantee

Are you afraid that you will buy the wrong equipment? The boots fit fine in the shop, but after two days on skis they chafe like crazy... It can happen to everyone, because you only know how your equipment fits when you've used it for a few days, and it's just not possible when you stand downstairs in the ski shop.

That's why we offer a 1-year fit guarantee on all our skis and boots! If you've come away with a pair of skis that you thought were yours, but find you can't get along with them at all... Fear not. You can come back right after your skiing holiday and have them exchanged for a pair that suits you much better for just the price of a ski service (DKK 199).

This tableware applies to both skis, snowboards and boots.

e-marked / secure online shopping

We at have chosen to be part of the e-brand, in order to ensure you as a customer the best experience when shopping online. The e-mark stands for safe online shopping, and helps fight fake shops. In addition, you as a consumer also benefit from buyer protection of up to DKK 10,000 and free unlimited case processing. See more here .

24 months right of complaint

Yes, you read that right, even though we sell used goods, you still have a 24-month right to complain. It means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or a reduction in the price, depending on the specific situation.