The 17 world goals

At we work towards a better future for everyone!

Global Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

We are a small company, with not many resources, but we still want to be able to leave our mark on the world. It is neither us who can "Abolish poverty" or "Stop hunger", but we can make a difference to world goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.

World Goal 12 -

As the name suggests, we sell used skis, but that's not the only thing we sell. We also have used snowboards, skis and snowboard boots as well as helmets, pole safety equipment and ski clothing. We would like to promote circular economy and sustainability, while at the same time creating a good business.

New world goal on the way...

We are currently working on incorporating a new global goal into the company. Global Goal 4: Quality education, and more specifically 4.7, which is about giving children and young people the necessary education in sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, including...

At, we would like to go to post-secondary schools and high schools, and show the students the advantage of choosing used. We want to teach the students about the consequences that our overconsumption has on the planet and that we all have to take responsibility.