Behind was launched in October 2019 by Sigurd Ilsøe and Victor Juul. After that, we, Christoffer Klausen and Jakob Kjærgaard, took over the company in November 2020. We got the opportunity to buy companies during the Corona pandemic, and didn't hesitate for a second!

What is

Logo is a Danish company that specializes in the sale of used skis and ski equipment. The company's focus is on being able to create a new concept and make it possible for all Danish ski enthusiasts to buy ski equipment at reasonable prices. For many people, it is not worth buying brand new ski equipment, as it is simply far too expensive in relation to how much you use it! In addition, it is also expensive in the long run to rent skis every year...

Here, used ski equipment comes in between either buying or renting equipment, as you can get good equipment that will last for many years for little money. However, it is difficult to find the right equipment on the various marketplaces (DBA, Yellow & Free and so on), and you cannot be 100% sure of the quality. has solved this problem!

With us, we make sure to offer used quality equipment in the most well-known brands! We stand behind our products and give your money back if you are not happy with your purchase. We make sure that all our skis have been through a quality check, and all skis are newly sharpened and waxed. We have professional photos, and offer a wide range of different skis, as well as equipment for them.

How did the company start?

We had Thomas Uhrskov stop by the store in Fredericia to talk a little about how actually came to be. A video has come out of this, where you can hear a little more about the history behind the company.


What can we do compared to other ski shops?

As the only online store in Denmark, we focus exclusively on used skis. But why do you think so? Everyone knows that skiing holidays are one of the coolest things, but it can also quickly become really expensive. As a skiing enthusiast, it is difficult to afford a skiing holiday during both the Christmas, winter and Easter holidays; because less can't do it?

Perhaps you are a beginner and would like to have your own skis, but think it is expensive to spend several thousand kroner on a pair of skis that you only use 1 week a year. has just what you need. We offer quality skis in the best-known brands for both beginners and experienced skiers.

We think about our environment

For us, social responsibility means a lot. We live in a time of natural changes, which are a consequence of the large CO2 emissions that we humans produce. There is rarely snow in Denmark anymore, so how are we supposed to ski when there is no snow in Austria anymore...? We believe that it is better for all of us to reuse things more than to always produce new ones.

With us, we only sell used skis in good condition, which still have many years of service life. This means that you as a consumer get great skis for next to nothing, and we don't just throw good products away. Therefore, be a good role model and trade skis with a good feeling in your stomach at

Mission & Vision

Mission: To make it possible for ordinary skiers to buy their own ski equipment cheaply.

Vision: To create a sustainable Scandinavian ski concept that does not just sell skis but is also a gathering place for ski enthusiasts.

Who are we?

We are 2 young men from Fredericia/Middelfart, who both have a great passion for skiing. We are both from the year 2000 and have been skiing most of our lives. Skiing for us is more than just a sport, it's a passion. This is also the basis for our owning a company that sells skis. We both have a business degree in innovation, and when the opportunity came to run a company that sells skis in a different way, we didn't hesitate for a second!

Christopher Klausen

Christopher Klausen
Hi, my name is Christoffer. I was born in 2000 and live in Odense. Right now I am studying HA. I have spent my sabbatical to gain a lot of experience in running a business, as it is my greatest passion. In addition, I have taken a lot of experience with me from my job as a department manager at McDonald's. I take all the experiences I have learned at McDonald's into my work at, in order to give customers the best experience. I want to make a difference and help all our customers find the perfect skis. I have a great passion for skiing, which is what gives me the motivation for this project.
Responsibility: Operation and purchasing
Tel.: +45 2677 1907

Jakob Kjærgaard

Jakob Kjærgaard

Hi, my name is Jakob, I was born in 2000 and live in Odense. I finished my youth education in commerce at IBC Fredericia/Middelfart in the summer of 2020, and after that I spent my sabbatical doing my military service at Oksbøl Barracks and working. I am currently studying HA business economics at SDU in Odense. In this way, I want to become proficient in trade, and thus live out my dream of being an independent trader. The company is my biggest passion (right next to skiing), and this has always been a boyhood dream for me to have my own identity. The fact that this should be a company that sells skis just makes it all that much cooler!
Responsibility: Sales and business development
+45 2964 6340

Peter Krivanek

Used skis invest

Petr is's first investor, and will help the company to be able to offer you as a customer a much larger and better selection of ski equipment. In addition to having 30 years of experience from a family-owned ski business, he also knows all the right ski suppliers, so we have the opportunity to source even more and better used ski equipment. Petr must help grow the company to completely new heights, and is thereby incredibly valuable to!
Responsibilities: Investor and ski expert