Ski Exchange for Children & Juniors

Now it's no more paying in expensive judgments for children's ski equipment, which is always too small anyway! Stop renting equipment that is far too expensive and of poor quality. At we have solved this problem!

We now offer a ski guarantee for children, which means that they will never outgrow their equipment again!

You will only have to buy one set of skis and boots for your child throughout their growing years. Doesn't that sound crazy? Because at, everyone who buys a set of skis and/or boots to go with it, which are under 150 cm long, gets a free warranty certificate with the purchase.
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It's super easy!

  1. You buy skis and/or boots in a ski length of less than 150 cm, and for a person under 16 years of age.
  2. Get your "Ski-Byt Bevis" free with the purchase.
  3. Come back for 2 ski seasons and get the equipment exchanged for a minimal amount!
  4. Enjoy the new equipment that fits perfectly, and come back when this doesn't fit anymore either.

Exchange of skis and boots

Every time you buy/exchange a pair of new used "Children's and Junior skis up to 150 cm" and/or ski boots for the skis, from, this warranty certificate is included, which you can use if you feel like exchanging new used equipment! You receive a new Ski-byt proof when you exchange your products.

This voucher is specially made for this one product(s) and can only be used once. The warranty certificate is filled in with the latest trade-in date, purchase price, date of purchase, trade-in price, model names and order number. This serves as proof that your skis were purchased from and that it is exactly the equipment that you wish to exchange.

With this proof, you can come back within 2 ski seasons and exchange your skis and/or boots for another pair. When exchanging, you will receive a gift certificate for the full purchase amount minus the exchange price.

What kind of equipment does this cover?

Our Ski Exchange applies to all junior and junior skis as well as snowboards under 150 cm, as well as boots. To make it easy, we have marked all our children's skis with a picture of our guarantee, so you don't have to be in any doubt about which equipment it covers! However, this is only done on the children's skis, and cannot be seen on the boots. Here you must mark whether the boots are for a person under the age of 16 in order to be included.

How do I get this proof with my order?

When buying skis in the size 150 cm and under or boots for that, this Ski-Byt certificate will be included. The certificate will be filled out and placed in your package with the skis you ordered. The Ski-Exchange certificate will therefore be included in your order, and it is important that you save the certificate for as long as you wish to have your skis exchanged.

When can I exchange the ski equipment at the latest?

The Ski-Byt Certificate is valid for two ski seasons. On your proof there will therefore be a field with "Last exchange date". You will be able to come back and exchange ski equipment up to this date.

How much does it cost to exchange my equipment?

Ski/Snowboard: DKK 299 per set.

Boots: DKK 99 per set.

How do I exchange the equipment?

You can exchange the equipment in 2 ways, both online and in the store.

You can take the equipment down to the store, together with your conscious and willing children. Then we find new and cool equipment that suits them.

You can also exchange equipment online. This is done by you independently going in and buying new equipment for your children. When you receive this equipment, you send the old equipment back to us with the enclosed return slip and your proof. When we receive the old equipment, we check it through and return the exchange price on your new order so that the money matches.

What rules apply when exchanging skis?

  • You must present a valid Ski-Byt proof
  • The skis must be handed in at the latest after 2 ski seasons, see latest exchange date on your Ski-Exchange certificate
  • It costs DKK 299 to exchange skis/snowboards and DKK 99 to exchange boots.
  • If the exchange date is exceeded, DKK 100 will be added to the exchange price per months exceeded.
  • The equipment can be exchanged both online and in the store.
  • The skis must be delivered as something you want to jump in yourself:
    • The skis do not need to be delivered newly sharpened and waxed.
    • The skis must be 100% functional, and must have a smooth and clean sole. The skis must therefore not have significant marks on the soles and edges that cannot be repaired or improved after grinding.
    • The bindings must be 100% functional.
    • The skis must not be separating from the sole and surface of the ski.

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