Thank you for the purchase!

Yes you heard right! We would like to reward you for shopping with us. If you have any family members or friends who are also in the market for some cool, used gear, then both you and them can get the gift of this! thank you for the purchase

How do I get a gift card for free ski service?

1. On the flyer in your package, there is a discount code that your family or friends will be able to benefit from. Share the code with it and spread joy!

2. To get an approving inquiry, your family or friends must add your order number and email to the note in the shopping basket. If they don't do this, we won't be able to send your reward. (See picture below)

Cart for 3. After this, your family member or friend can add the discount code at "Go to payment", and we will send you the gift card as soon as we have packed the order. You will be able to refer as many people as you would like, and thereby receive a new gift card each time.
4. Your gift card is valid for 5 years, so there is plenty of time to run. Remember to write down the code!

Rules and guidelines

  1. The order size must be at least DKK 999 before a referral and the discount code are valid.
  2. If the order is canceled or returned, the gift card will also be invalidated.
  3. The discount code and referrals may only be given to close friends and family, and may not be distributed on social media or other public places.
  4. The discount only applies once per customer, and for first-time buyers.